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These atolls are inhabited by people who live in harmony with nature. Here they build their homes from local materials. They build their canoes from the breadfruit tree. Fishing the reefs  and growing their own crops is the way this culture has lived  for the last 2500 years. These islanders would be quite happy to continue in this lifestyle if not for the effects of global pollution. Now they are being forced to leave their homes. To go where? APUUR.ORG was formed to help the people of these Islands find someplace to move.




someplace with a mountain

home to the last navigators

   We can not stop the sea level rise. The only solution is to help them move. They have no money. 
They don’t use money on their islands. Please help us help them 
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    These islands are the home to the last of the navigators. They have passed their skills down from generation to generation. Will this art be lost along with their culture?